CMS database type is not available for iKeyman during Maximo 7.6 SSL Configuration

Recently I was setting up one Maximo 7.6 instance for a PoC and during SSL setup I noticed that key database type CMS was not available in Key Database Type list in iKeyman utility. This is the common data type that we use for setting up a certificate for https configuration on Maximo.

As shown in the screenshot below, there are other key database types that can be used but CMS is not available.

Missing CMS datatype in Key Database Type

To add CMS to the key database types, we need to perform steps as given below-

  1. Go to <dir>:\IBM\HTTPServer\java\8.0\jre\lib\security and look for file file at <dir>:\IBM\HTTPServer\java\8.0\jre\lib\security

2. Edit the file with Notepad or any other editor and search for security.provider. You will be able to see a section with a list of different security.providers. This is the place where the iKeyman utility fetches the database types.

Security.Provider section in file

3. In the last of this section add the below entry in the file —


where n=existing provider property number+1

Add an entry into file for CMS Database Provider

4. Now save the file. Go back to Command Prompt and run iKeyman again and you will be able to CMS database type added in the list.

CMS database type available after adding an entry into file

Hopefully, this quick tip will be helpful if you face any similar problem during Maximo 7.6 SSL Configuration or even during SSL Configuration for any other application which utilizes IBM HTTP Server.

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